In a 2015 study from Bond University in Australia, it was shown that surfers are three times more likely to develop skin cancer than the rest. On the other side, Welsh and Cornwall (England) have also seen a considerate growth in skin cancer rates (a 58% in about 10 years) due to the increasing popularity of surfing culture in the regions. Both scenarios share a common fact: surfing. For the World Cancer Day we want to share with you the basic tips you need to protect your sking while surfing.

Sun and skin cancer
Spending long ours under the sun increases the possibility of developing any type of skin cancer.
Skin cancer is a dangerous disease that develops itself when cancerous cells divide and grow uncontrolled, invading even other vital organs.

two types of skin cancer: melanoma, which attacks pigment-containing cells, and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) which is the most common. Both are motivated widely by the exposure to sunrays and sunburn. Is the only cancer that can be prevented.

That’s why you should take very seriously this cancer if you do surfing quite often. The measures that you can adopt to avoid are quite simple. You just have to be careful and apply them when necessary.

Wear protective clothing
Martí, one of our surf instructors uses a hat to protect his head from sunburn
Physical protection is the first barrier against the sunrays. It prevents the sun from touching and burning your sking, keeping it safe from UVB and UVA radiation. If you visit the north of Spain for surfing, you will probably be wearing a full wetsuit. However, if you travel to warmer regions like Sri Lanka, Maldives or Bali, you probably want to cover yourself with a t-shirt with some SPF. Hats, gloves and footies can also cover those areas that are rarely covered. Our instructors are oftenly seen wearing hats.

Use a high SPF sunscreen
Use water resistant and 50+ SPF sunscreen
Altough you wear a full body wetsuit you must not forget to protect your hands, feet, neck and face. We know sunscreen is not cheap but you should always invest your money in a good quality and water resistant lotion with 50+ SPF. You’ll be probably surfing long hours and your skin deserves the best possible protection. If you ever come to Somo for surfing and forget your sunscreen at home, you can come to our surf school and ask us for some. We have the ideal lotion for long surfing sessions.

Stay away from the sun
Yes, it sounds highly unlikely you’re going to avoid sun but still, we must tell you not to expose yourself to sunrays. Or at least, do it the least you can and avoid it above all between 12pm and 16pm. These are the hours the sunrays cause more harm to your skins. Skin cancer is no joke and you should try to apply the maximum number of measures. Please, take it seriously and protect yourself when surfing.

Surf Camp in Spain
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