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Latas experience

All the fun both in and out of the water.

More than a surf school.

Come visit us and experience the authentic surf culture in an international atmosphere where you can relax, have a great time, and make new friends. You can enjoy activities outside the water such as working out in our gym, skateboarding or playing beach volleyball, yoga sessions, our barbecues, boat parties, or watching beautiful sunsets on Somo beach.

Yoga Session

Enjoying surfing goes beyond catching waves. One of the fundamental aspects of experiencing the true essence of this sport is achieving a balance between body and mind. Having a clear mind when paddling for a wave is more important than it may initially seem. Concentration is key in surfing, as well as the connection between the brain and muscles. And what better way to train this union between mind and body than with the ancient Indian discipline that we all know: Yoga.

Skateboarding classes & surf skate.

We organize skateboarding classes for all levels and ages. At Latas Surf, you can enjoy skateboarding on our mini-ramp at Latas Surf House or on the pump track at Loredo Surf House. We provide you with our skateboards, and if you want to take it a step further, you can train with one of our instructors.

Barbecues and boat parties.

We organize barbecue dinners throughout the season, some of them accompanied by live music. Barbecues are a great time to let yourself be carried away by the good atmosphere of Latas Surf.

Additionally, we organize boat parties so that everyone can enjoy, dance, and have a great time after surfing (please inquire for more information).

The day-to-day life at Latas Surf.

At Latas Surf, we have a gym that you can freely use to train or stretch after surfing. Additionally, you can enjoy all the services we offer in our facilities, such as ping-pong, volleyball court, billiards, relaxation area, surf bar, and more.

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