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Surf courses organized by surfing professionals who know the waves of Somo and Loredo Beach very well. We offer surf lessons for all levels and ages starting from 8 years old.

Surf for adultsBeginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Enjoy the surf alongside our qualified instructors, with surf courses tailored to all levels.

From 32€/


Surf for kidsFrom 8 to 12 years old

The little ones have a great time learning to surf and improving their technique at our school, where they surf and enjoy all the activities offered at the camp.

From 32€/


Surf CoachingTake it to the next level

Take it to the next level! Leave behind all those bad habits while surfing, thanks to our surf coaching.

From 80€/


Super Surf (surf + rental)Make the most of your experience.

Surf at your own pace!If you feel like grabbing your board and doing your own thing, this is the option for you.

From 42€/


What do our surf courses include?

Surf lessons for all ages and levels. Organized by professional surfers who know the waves of Somo and Loredo Beach very well.

Surf courses in Cantabria

Learning to surf on the beaches of Cantabria offers numerous advantages that make this region an ideal destination for surfing enthusiasts:

At Latas, we provide surf lessons on Somo and Loredo beach, a unique setting for surf lessons in Cantabria. Somo and Loredo beach is renowned for its consistent wave formation throughout the year. This provides surfers with the opportunity to enjoy surfing in nearly any season and with a variety of breaks, featuring gentle waves for beginners and more challenging ones for experienced surfers.

What do you need to bring?

For your surf lessons you will need to bring:

Swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit. For the surfer's comfort, we recommend a brief-style swimsuit (for men) and a swimwear (for women). However, you can wear the wetsuit with any type of swimsuit.

Flip-flops and a towel a beach towel to dry yourself after swimming.

Level 1 - Beginner

Start taking your first steps in the world of surfing by learning the basic techniques at our surf school in Somo: Paddling, popping up, body positioning, and correcting your stance on the board, etc.

Level 2 - Intermediate

Progress and refine your skills by riding larger waves: Surfing the peak, catching "green waves," trimming along the wave left or right, etc.

Nivel 3 - Avanzado

Take the leap and evolve technically by performing maneuvers on bigger waves: Refining your technique, advanced surfing maneuvers (cut-backs, bottom turns, etc.), and more.

Surf Lessons for all levels.

Our courses are organized by levels and ages to ensure the student's learning experience. We differentiate between 3 surf levels that cater to the majority of our students.

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What do you need to bring to our Surf Camp?

For your surf lessons, you'll need to bring:
Swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit. For surfer's comfort, we recommend a brief-style swimsuit for men and a one-piece swimsuit for women. Although you can use the wetsuit with any type of swimsuit. Regardless of the size you wear, we have wetsuits in all sizes.
Flip-flops and a beach towel to dry off after the surf.

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Where is the Surf Camp held?

The surf lessons take place at Somo and Loredo beach in Cantabria. Our instructors are intimately familiar with the waves at this beach, ensuring you have the best possible experience and learn to surf while having a great time.

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How do I assess my surfing level?

Our surf courses are organized by levels and ages to ensure optimal learning for each student. We differentiate between three levels of surfing that cater to the majority of our participants. To determine your level, please take the following test.

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What happens at Latas Surf's Surf Camp?

At Latas Surf, each day begins with surf lessons led by our expert instructors, where you'll learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques. But the surf camp goes beyond that: you'll immerse yourself in activities like beachfront yoga to enhance your balance and flexibility, skateboarding, and moments to connect with fellow surf enthusiasts.
As you progress in surfing, you'll face exciting challenges like riding different types of waves and conditions.
Yet most importantly, in our surf camp, you'll forge lasting connections with fellow participants who share your passion for the ocean. The camp's energy will inspire you, help you grow as a surfer, and provide you with unforgettable memories.

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