The Fever has had quite a run the past year with Mick Fanning choosing it as the winner of the recent Stab in the Dark project. Since that time, Pat Gudauskas (the guys who made the design with CI shaper Mike Andrews) has been on a few trips of his own and returned inspired by his favorite model as well as the people that make his boards. The surf film Fever Voyage tells the story as he went into the sahping bay and glassing and sanding rooms of CI and started filming.

The result of Pat’s effort became “Fever Voyage”, his new short film that pays homage to all the hands that touch his boards before they get under feet. Pat appreciates that surfboards are unique when it comes to making sports equipment. They aren’t like a tennis racquet, soccer ball or golf club. Surfboards are built by surfers for surfers, with their hands, and this something Pat thinks that we should always be proud of and celebrat. Oh, and as you’ll see, there is some amazing, blazing surfing along the way. Enjoy!

Credits: this is an original article taken from Cis Surfboards Blog. You can find it here.