Good waves and less crowded beaches to bring in the surfing summer

Autimn sessions at Somo and Loredo beach
August is just gone, but this does’t mean summer is over yet. September just came to us with the greatest waves, good weather and empty beaches.

The ninth month of the year has something special when it comes to surfing in the north of Spain. Is there a better way to spend your last holidays than surfing in the best conditions? September is truly the jewel month of the surfing summer and the last month before autumn season starts. Farewell the summer taking big waves as you watch october approaching (just like the big wave of the set).

In Latas Surf we like to take advantage of this month and squeeze all its possibilities. Days are still long and we can enjoy long surfing sessions. Also, low season starts and the beaches are way les crowded (like not crowded at all) and prices are chepaer. Moreover, you’re going to enjoy more relaxed surfing sessions as the line-up will be way more “affordable”. Everybody will have the chance to take more waves. In this time of the year we can enjoy propoer swell conditions in the northern coast of Spain: this means the quality of the waves is just perfect to have the most fun in the water. Moreover, the climate is still pretty good and stable and the water temperature is at its peak. Summing up, It’s just f***g great!

These are one of the reasons we love september and we want you to experience it as well. So if you have doubts about what to do during this last month of summer, surfing in Spain is a pretty good choice and we can tell you that you are going to enjoy like a kid taking the waves of your life.
Come to Latas Surf in September
As we mentioned above, september is considered by the Spain’s surfing community, one of the best times of the year to practice surfing. We encourage you to come and join us in this unique natural enviroment while you stay at our Surf House enjoying all our facilities: you won’t need anything else. So don’t wait until the last moment and book your Surf Camp in September now!