Discover the Best Routes to Reach Latas Surf: Your Surf Destination in Cantabria

Our surf camp located in Ribamontán al Mar, Cantabria, awaits you with perfect waves, breathtaking landscapes, and an unforgettable experience. To make your journey even more memorable, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to get to our surf paradise from different starting points. Let’s dive in!


  1. By Car: Navigate Cantabria’s Scenic Roads

If you’re a lover of road trips and prefer the freedom to explore at your own pace, getting to Latas Surf by car is the perfect option for you. From any point in Spain, heading to Cantabria is the first step. Once there, follow the signs to Ribamontán al Mar. Depending on the house you’ve booked, you’ll need to focus on the direction towards Somo or Loredo, two charming coastal towns that are close neighbors.

Don’t worry about finding the exact address; once you’ve completed your reservation, you’ll receive all the necessary information to arrive without any issues. Prepare your favorite playlist, enjoy the scenery, and you’ll be at Latas Surf in no time!


  1. By Plane: Elevate Your Experience with Flights to Santander or Bilbao

For those coming from farther away or even outside of Spain, arriving by plane is an excellent option. Cantabria boasts two main airports that bring you even closer to the waves:

  • Santander Airport (SDR): Just a 20-minute drive from Latas Surf, Santander Airport offers a wide range of domestic and international flights. From Madrid to Malaga, and from London to Rome, there are connections available for all travelers.
  • Bilbao Airport (BIO): Approximately an hour’s drive away, Bilbao Airport is another excellent option for reaching Latas Surf. With flights to a wide variety of domestic and international destinations, including Seville, Valencia, Amsterdam, and Paris, this airport offers convenience and accessibility.

Transportation from the Airports:

We offer transportation service from both airports to Latas Surf to make your arrival even more comfortable. With flexible schedules and affordable rates, we’ll greet you with a warm welcome and take you directly to our facilities.

  • Santander Airport: The transportation service from this airport costs €40 per trip. If more than one person is traveling, the cost can be divided among the occupants of the vehicle. For groups of 5 people or more, the cost is €10 per person. Outside of office hours from 09:00 to 21:00, additional supplements apply.
  • Bilbao Airport: The transportation service from this airport costs €140 per trip. Like in Santander, costs can be divided among the occupants of the vehicle, and supplements apply outside of office hours.


3. By Train or Bus: Travel Economically and Conveniently

For those who prefer a more economical option, arriving by train or bus is a convenient alternative. In Santander, the bus station offers connections to various cities and towns in Spain. You can check schedules and routes on websites like Alsa for buses and Renfe for trains.

Once in Santander, you can easily reach Latas Surf by taking the ferry from the port of Santander to Somo. This picturesque journey will take you directly to the coast, where you can immerse yourself in surf culture and enjoy everything Latas Surf has to offer.

Pick-up Service from the Port of Somo:

Additionally, we offer a pick-up service from the port of Somo to Latas Surf for a nominal fee of €5 per person. This option is ideal for those arriving by ferry from Santander and prefer to skip the short journey to our facilities.

Whether you choose the freedom of a car trip, the convenience of a direct flight, or the economy of a train or bus journey, getting to Latas Surf is easy and convenient. From the moment you leave home until you’re riding the waves, we’re here to ensure your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. See you at Latas Surf!