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Why travel with us?

As a specialized surf travel agent, Latas Surf Travel has extensive knowledge and can plan ideal trips. We can provide you with recommendations on destinations to visit, wave conditions, required skill levels, as well as guidance on budgeting and recommended duration for each location. Since most people have a week or two for their vacation, having a professional design your trip to make the most of the limited time is extremely helpful. There are multiple reasons to choose to book your trip with Latas Surf Travel. The main reason is peace of mind, as our travel experts will take care of you from the first contact until your return home. Additionally, we have access to exclusive deals and wholesale prices, which often allow you to save money on your travels.

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What is the best website to buy plane tickets?

Many travelers have found that purchasing plane tickets online often provides better prices compared to traditional travel agencies. As we strive to offer the most competitive prices available, we highly recommend utilizing popular websites such as and for purchasing your plane tickets. These platforms provide extensive options and great deals to ensure you find the most suitable and affordable flights for your journey.

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Do I need a VISA to enter the country?

Please check online to be 100% sure about your specific situation. More details will be available in the travel guide you'll receive after booking your trip. Indonesia: Yes, you can obtain your visa directly at the Denpasar airport (for Bali trips) or Padang airport (for Mentawai trips). It costs approximately $35 USD. Maldives: A free 30-day tourist visa is granted upon arrival for most citizens, including citizens of Spain and many European countries. Sri Lanka: Yes, you need a visa for Sri Lanka. However, you don't have to worry too much as it is relatively easy to obtain. It is known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). You simply need to access their official website, upload the required documents, and pay the corresponding fees. The cost is approximately $35, and it is recommended to make the payment online as it is more expensive at the airport. For other destinations like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico and Morocco no Visa is required.

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What type of travel insurance should I get?

Health Trave insurance to cover medical expenses is essential for all the trips and destinations we offer. Your well-being is our top priority. Since surfing is considered a high-risk activity by insurance companies, it is often not covered by standard travel policies. It is essential that surfing is included in your policy, not only to protect you in case of potential injuries but also to cover damages to third parties. We have various options for health insurance and travel assistance specialized in surf trips. We strongly recommend including cancellation coverage in your policy, which generally needs to be purchased within a week before or after booking your trip.

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I've never surfed in my life. Can I book a surf trip?

Many of our travelers have never touched a surfboard in their lives. We can recommend the best destinations for beginners so that you can enjoy your first surfing experience. Unless you don't know how to swim, you can join our trips without any problem.

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Should I bring my own surfboards?

If you're planning to travel to the Maldives or the Mentawai Islands, it is recommended to bring your own surfboards. Bring the type of boards you are familiar with and feel comfortable on (at least 2, preferably 3). Make sure to include at least one board that provides enough paddling power and length. Most of our travel destinations offer quality surfboards on-site. If you have any doubts, please contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary information. If you're a beginner surfer and joining a surf trip with lessons included, you don't need to bring surfboards.

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Is it safe to travel to these countries?

YES. At all of our destinations, you will have experienced surf guides who are familiar with the area and surf spots. Additionally, we make sure to select safe accommodations for our travelers.

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What do I need to bring for a surf trip?

We will send you a travel checklist once you have made your reservation with us. What you need to bring will always depend on the destination you are going to and the type of surf trip. Apart from that, we will always be available to answer any questions you may have about your trip.


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