Kook. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably heard this word in the last surf camp you’ve made. Maybe somebody yelling it to you or your mates in a comical (or not) tone by some local surfer. We’ve created this kook test so you’re able to better be aware of your level of kookness inside the water.

Our aim with this article is to show you a bit more about the surfing world. With a bit of humor, we invite you to understand the type of language that is used between surfers.

What’s a kook then?

We’re here to help you understand what a kook is and also, contribute to boost your self-steem by encouraging you to accept yourself as the real kook you are. But first of all, you need to take our KOOK TEST and see by yourself what type of kook you are.

KOOK TEST by Latas Surf

The surfing world has its own rules and also its own ways of calling things. This type of surfer, increasingly common in the line-ups has a well earned popularity. A kook is a novice, somebody who is starting to learn how to surf. But not all beginners are the same as some, even though they’ve been surfing for quite a while, keep acting as total beginners in the water.

We need to laugh about ourselves. So, if you see yourself as a kook. Don’t worry about it! Wear it with pride and commit yourself to keep learning and improving as a surfer.

What makes you a kook?


As we’ve said before, you don’t become a kook just by being a beginner. Kooks are found in surfers of different levels of experience. However, is how others see you in the water what will define you as a kook.

We can say you are a kook if…

  • You don’t know the surfing rules or etiquette or act as if you didn’t know them, taking all the waves that you can with little regarding for other surfers out there
  • You’re a bit clumsy and fall off the board quite often in a variety of ways and postures never seen before
  • You’re literally like a torpedo and you run over and tackle anyone who stays in your way
  • Your surfing level is ok as you’ve taken part in several surf camp experiences. However, you paddle into line-ups that are way above your level.
  • You pretend better than you really are

To sum up, we could say a kook is a beginner who’s not aware of his/ her level.

From Latas Surf House, we encourage you to embrace the kook within yourself, and keep taking lessons! At least, until you’re good enough to know what your limits are and manage yourself correctly with the rules of surfing and be safe inside the water. Remember, the best surfer is the one having the mos fun. For this, you have to play safe. Be a kook, but be a good kook!

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