Heart stopping footage of Pedro Scooby fighting for his life under the waves of Nazare

The waves of Nazare in Portugal, leave us thrilling moments that send shivers through our spines. This time, we can see pro surfer Pedro Scooby having an extremely “fun” time while being literally swallode by four Nazare giant waves. The footage shows the whole rescue squad struggling to find Pedro in the middle of a hell of white water barely being able to spot him.

The brasilian surfer had a really hard time after being caught by this massive wave. During one minute he dissapeared and couldn’t be spotted by the jetskis. After a 4th wave hitting the impact zone, the surfer came to the surface and Sebastian Stedner could get to him with his jetski and put in to safety on the beach. Surprinsingly he was able to stand up and walk to the aid-tent by himself. Watch the video for another adredaline charged sequence sponsored by Praia do Norte monster waves.

Pedro Scooby: second big wipeout in Nazare

Pedro Scooby has been the last one to feel the power of this legendary portuguese wave. However, is not the first time he gets tackled by this monster. He already played the featuring role in another thrilling and scary footage. This movie called “The Big Ugly” shows not only the wipeout of the surfer, but also a rescue jetski losing control and falling into “oblivion”. Another rescuer then comes and succesfully saves both lives. You shouldn’t miss this one.

Nazare waves: the biggest ever surfed

Nazare became worldwide famous quickly. Its enormous size and the spectacular images left for us to admire during the last years, have launched the event to the heights of the best surfing contests. We all look forward for this event in the surfing community as is truly as thrilling and exciting as dangerous for the surfers.

Rodrigo Koxa is the pro surfer who holds the World Record Guiness after surfing a 28meters Nazare monster, reaching a speed up to 60km/h. A truly historic moment for the history of big wave surfing.

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