Surfing will make its debut as an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer.It is an historical moment for surfing as a sport, although there are contrary opinions that claim that taking surfing at the Olympic level contributes to lose its essence. That’s an interesting debate that we will leave for another time. We cannot deny that right now surfing is growing as a sport and as an industry, in the last decades it has expanded exponentially and has evolved to reach the level of the Olympic category. At Latas Surf, apart from catching waves, we like to keep updated with everything that surrounds the surf culture. And that’s why today we’ll talk about how Olympic surfing is going to be.

One beach, one category, and 40 surfers to get the gold.

The announce of surfing becoming an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020 put some doubts on the table. Where is going to be the championship? Pool wave or natural wave? The IOC (International Olympic Committe) finally settled down the controversy by deciding that the surf event will be at the sea. The Tsurigasaki beach is the chosen one for this Olympic edition. With pacific swell, this surf spot is located 80km western of Tokyio, in Ichinomiya town, where has been some international competitions. July 26th to August 2nd are the days for the Olympic Surf Games.

At this first edition, Olympic surfing will have a single modality: shortboard. Maybe in the future other categories such as longboard are included. As in the other Olympic sports, participants will compete for gold, silver and bronze. The IOC established that 40 surfers (20 men and 20 women) of different nationalities will compete in the Olympic surf games, with a maximum of 2 participants by gender and country. The classification to participate in the next Olympic surf games is established in a hierarchical order through the WSL CT, the ISA World Surfing Games and the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima. To complete the list of participants, the host nation ( Japan) can choose one man and one woman. Here you can see the classification system. Simplified would be like that:

10 from 2019 WSL CT8 from 2019 WSL CT
4 from 2019 ISA World Surf Games5 from 2019 ISA World Surf Games
4 from 2020 ISA World Surf Games 5 from 2020 ISA World Surf Games
1 from 2019 Panamerican Lima1 from 2019 Panamerican Lima
1 japanese1 japanese

Several surfers have secured their place for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Like the Brazilians Italo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina, Silvana Lima and Tatiana Weston Webb. Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks of the USA. The French Jeremy Flores and Johanne Deffay, as well as the South African Kolohe Andino have their place to be in Tokyo 2020, among others. But there are still participants to be confirmed and vacancies that will be defined in the coming months.

Six spanish surfers fighting to represent Spain at the Olympics.

For the Spanish team, the Spanish Surfing Federation along with the coach Pablo Solar made public a list of the 6 national surfers who have a chance to represent Spain surfing in Tokyo 2020. The men’s team are Aritz Aranburu, Gony Zubizarreta and Vicente Romero and the femenine are Leticia Canales, Ariane Ochoa and Nadia Erostarbe. The masculine representation stands out for the experience while the feminine one does it for its youth. In any case, these are 6 incredible athletes who will have to fight to get their place in the first Olympic Surf Games in history.

This year surfing will live a crucial moment for its history and we are excited to see how all events unfold, becouse that will mark the future of surfing as a sport. Although we all know that surfing is not limited to being just a sport, much less a competition.

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