With the arrival of Christmas also come the work dinners, family mandatory dates and the struggle to choose the right gifts for your beloved ones. Another year, we are sure you’ve left this for the last minute and that’s why we bring you 7 original ideas you can buy as gifts for surfers.

A surf poncho

Gifts for surfers

As ridiculous as it looks, is a pretty practical item. Its purpose is to protect you from the cold while you’re putting on your wetsuit or getting it off. It’s a very nice idea for both pro surfers and kooks.  If you’re not sure if your “victim” has one of those, ask him about how does he/she change his/her clothes when leaves the water. And if they already have a cheap one, go and buy them a proper surf poncho (like the one we have over at Latas Surf House).

2 – A surf key-lock

Gifts for surfers

We know the car keys can be a pain in the ass. Where to put them? Behind the wheels at a risk of being stolen? Or carrying them inside your wetsuit at the risk of being lost forever in the sea. Why not buy something that allows you to put them in a safe place and let that worry fade away while you’re surfing.

3 – A surfboard cover

Surfboard cover

Surfboards are pretty fragile and having one of this will make sure you can carry and travel with your surfboard safely. Wether you carry it on your own or on the top of your car, this item will help you protect it and make it last for years.

4 – Wetsuit dry bag

Gifts for surfers

Another of those items that might seem unpractical at a first glance but show themselves pretty worth having them once you use them. You can use it when taking your wetsuit off and avoiding it touching the ground and getting dirty. Once you close it with your surf wetsuit in, you can put it in the trunk of your car and make sure your car doesn’t get wet.

5 – The book “surfing your best” by Nick Carroll

Surfing your best by Nick Carroll

Many times we forget that surfing requires not only many hours inside the water, but also to acquire essential slices of knowledge that will push you in your practice. This classical book is a complete guide and surf course that will help you to take your surfing to the next level.

6 – A surf course

Surf lessons in Somo

Maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend or family member has already tried surfing or maybe not. A surf course (or surf camp experience) is the perfect surf gift for beginners or intermediates. Just makes sure you choose the right place for this (like Latas Surf House XD)

7 – A surf trip

If you’re budget is super high and you really love that person, this is probably the best surf gift you can give to somebody. There are many places to make a Surf Camp away from Somo. Our favorites are Morocco, Maldives Islands or Sri Lanka.

Surf Camp Sri Lanka: is there a better surf gift?

In fact, we’ve launched a Surf Camp in Sri Lanka: 7 nights, meals, intensive surf lessons and yoga classes. A perfect adventure for solo travelers, friends or couples.

Surf Camp Sri Lanka
We’re leaving for Sri Lanka on a Surf Camp on february 22nd.

There are many ideas for gifts for surfers: wetsuits, surfboards, surf music albums, films… We just gathered a few for you, but be creative and you will find the perfect one for your friends or family.

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