Surf in winter is not as crazy as it sounds

Many of those who practice surf choose spring or summer as their favorite seasons to come to Somo to enjoy a Surf Camp. Who doesn’t enjoy of the good climate Spain offers? Moreover, the wetsuit dries up fast and the after-surfing beers is more enjoyable with sunrays covering your skin. But, have you ever wondered that surfing in winter is not as bad idea as you might think?

You might feel lazy when confronting this idea. But we assure you that if you follow these tips you will enjoy every minute you spend on the water. Also, there are a series of additional advantages such as more consistent waves and much less crowded line-ups.


surf wetsuits
Choosing an adequate surf wetsuit is essential.

Choosing the right surfing wetsuit is an essential aspect in order to be able to enjoy surfing sessions in winter. It will be the “shield” that protects you against the elements. The choice will depend on various facts that you should have in mind before taking a final decission.

On one hand, you need to choose a wetsuit with the right thickness according to the climate characteristics: if you’re brave enough a minimum of a 4/3 mm wetsuit would be enough. But if you don’t want to bet with your capacity of standing against the coldness and above all, if you’re sensible to low temperatures, you should get yourself a 5/4 mm wetsuit.

On the other side, the quality of the wetsuit also makes a big diferrence. There are certain differences between cheap wetsuits and the most expensive ones. A top-notch surfing wetsuit with a thickness of 4/3 mm will be sufficient for most. But if you don’t want to spend the money, it’ll be much better if you get a 5/4 mm wetsuit. The last thing you want is to lose body temperature and therefore abandon the surfing session.

Surf accesories: gloves, boots and hoodie

Winter wetsuits matches perfectly with surfing accesories
Gloves, surf booties and hoddies will contribute to extend the wetsuit protection to all the areas of your body.

Once you’ve covered the core parts of your body, you will realize that your hands, feet and ears suffer specially against the wind and coldness. Don’t underrate the capacity of these accesories. They will truly make a difference. Surfing with frozen hands or feet or trying to put in your shoes once you’re finished is not a pleasant situation. Get a hood, some gloves and surf booties and you will enjoy surfing the same as if you were in warmer waters. You won’t feel the difference.

Warming up before surfing

Warming up before surfing in winter
Warming up before a surfing session is pretty important. But even more when it comes to winter time.

Once you’re put on your wetsuit and all the accesoies, we highly recommend you to take your time warming up your body. Your body and muscles will take longer to be ready under cold temperatures and you want to be a 100% ready before getting into the water.

Take your time and try to focus on warming up all your muscles. Also, you want to increase your body temperature in orun aumento de temperatura entre tu cuerpo y el neopreno para paliar los efectos del cambio der to decrease the feeling of coldness when you’re in the water.

Once in the water, paddle!

Move all the time when you do surf in winter.
Maintain your body temperature and don’t stop paddling.

Once you’ve entered the water with your surfboard, you want to maintain your body temperature as long as possible. This way, not only you will be more comfortable but also you will be able to extend the session. In order to do this, you must keep yourself active once in the water. Paddle all the waves that you can and don’t stay doing nothing for long. Just make sure you’re moving all the time! If you don’t fight for holding a good body temperature, once you get cold, it will be very difficult to recover a warmer feeling.

Get yourself a surf poncho

Surf poncho
A surf poncho is a mandatory accesory in your bag

This weird but useful piece of cloth is absolutely practical. It will help you change your clothes protected from the wind and cold. Moreover, nobody will have to see you naked in the middle of the parking.

To sum up, you can truly enjoy winter surfing

As we’ve seen until now, with these simple tips you will be able to enjoy catching waves in winter as good as when you take a surfcamp in winter or summer. We encourage you to keep practicing no matter what season is. You just have choose days when the surf forecast is good enough. The only difference you will feel is that the beer you will have later will be in a bar instead of our garden.

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