The wetsuit is one of surfers best friend. It allows us to be in the water for a longer time to enjoy the waves. That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your wetsuit, to make it last a longer time. The wetusit care is an everyday work.

Since Jack O’Neill came up with the brilliant idea of using a wetsuit to surf longer, it has became the perfect ally for every wave lover, making surfing a worldwide sport practiced anywhere and at any season of the year. A good wetsuit allow us to be more hours in the water. So we can enjoy the waves for a longer time without worrying about the cold. That’s why is necessary to know how to take care of wetsuit so it doesn’t deteriorate. Although there are many different wetsuit types, maintenance is usually the same for all of them, so here are some tips for wetsuit care.


Washing the wetsuit after surf sessions is basic. Rinse it into fresh water to remove the seawater, both inside and outside, also the zippers and seams. This is the least you should do to extend your wetsuit’s life.


Sometimes a fresh water wash may not be enough for your wetsuit care. Especially if it has already been used in several sessions and gets smelly. For a thorough cleaning use special glycerin soaps, with anti-fungal and non-abrasive, for good wetsuit care. The use of specific products could be helpful too. Such as “Piss-off“, which, as the name implies, helps to fight against the corrosion generated by the urine in the neoprene


After washing the wetsuit, the next step it to dry it inside out. When the inner part is dry, the wetsuit is turned over, so the outer part can be dried as well. Don’t leave your wetsuit in the sun. The UV rays will deteriorate the wetsuit fabric really fast. Dry your wetsuit always in the shade.


The place where you store your wetsuit should be cool and dark. When it is clean and dry, store it folding it preventing the wrinkles. A good way to do it is to fold the sleeves and legs towards the body part, and fold the wetsuit in half so the sleeves and legs are hidden.

Wetsuit care

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