Surf wax is an essential complement to all surf lovers.

The grip of your board is all that matters when you are catching a wave, if your feet slip you’ll experience hilarious wipeouts. We usually buy surf wax at surf shops, but that’s not the only option: we can also create it. Today we bring you this tutorial to make your own organic surf wax. Apart from being ecological than any comercial brand, the reward of using something that we’ve created with our own hands is awesome. The next time you go to a Surf Camp take your own surf wax!

It’s been almost a century since we are using wax on surfing. It’s obvious that the manufacturing processes have evolved as much as your surfing since the day you start. And that’s a lot! So the surf wax we can find at the stores is very effective, but we can create a surf wax as useful as the others, better for the environment and cheaper.

Let’s do it! The main ingredient we’ll need is beeswax, in the unlikely case that you don’t have a hive in your garden, you can buy it at organic stores or similar. The second ingredient we need is coconut oil, also easy to find in the same typo of stores. And as a third ingredient to create the mixture we’ll use pine resin. To get this last resort we’ll have to venture ourselfs to the nearest pine forest to extract the resin. Making a cut in the bark of our brother tree (we swear this won’t hurt him) we can extract the resin we need for our mix. You can also use the peaceful way and instead of making a small cut to the pine, you just have to look for a crack to obtain the precious resin.

Once the necessary ingredients have been collected, we have to mix them with the appropriate proportion, which is this:

  • 4 parts of beeswax.
  • 1 part of coconut oil.
  • 1 part of pine resin.

Put the mix in a large cook pot and heat gently in a double boiler while keeping the mixture moving. When all the ingredients are liquefied, pour the melted result into cups and wait until it dries. And… VOILÀ! We have our own organic surf wax made with our own hands, ready to use in your next Surf Camp.

Here is a video that explain the whole process.

Group Surf Camps

Our experience with groups of large people this season has been incredible and a lot of these groups have already made their reservations for the next 2020 season. This is why we are already starting to plan the next surfing season and organize everything for those groups who choose us.

Group surf camp trip
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