A photographer’s drone filmed a great white shark circling around distracted surfers in Orange County, California. The filmmaker Matt Larmand was flying his drone on last wednesday when he captured this wonderful/terrific scene. We can see some great white sharks way too close to a group of hydrofoliers and the worst of all is that the photographer didn’t have a way to warn the surfers. Would’ve he kept filming in case of attack?

At one point, a surfer seems to ride right above the shark when another rider fell into the water just next to the cute fish. As we can see in the video, nobody got injured and the shark swam away from the group of surfers.

Great white shark: curious and lethal animals

This type of behaviour is not weird at all in a great white shark. This big and dangerous fishes can display extreme curiosity when they’re young. On the other side, they can turn from curiosity to being killing machines in a matter of seconds. Normally is the younger sharks the ones that can be more dangerous. Though they eat fishes, dolphins, seas or sea lions, there’s been several cases of great white sharks attacking humans withouth being provoked.

great white shark

Source of the article: Daniel Avery from Newskeek.com

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