If you like surfing and you live far from the beach, or next to not strong enough waves (like many friends from the Mediterranean we speak with in Latas Bar), probably you’re counting down your days to get to a place where fun of surfing is guaranteed.  One of the surf paradises in Spain, without doubt, is Cantabria. Surf in Cantabria has been one of this sport in our country since it started to be practiced back in the 60s. Cantabria offers great quality waves thoughout the year and an average temperature of the water 17ºC (13 in February and up to 24 in July). To surf in Cantabria you need a light neoprene in summer (a 3/2 or less) and a heavier one in winter and autumn (4/3 or 5/3). From Madrid to Cantabria you are in 4 hours by car on the highway, and parking in any surf spot in Cantabria is relatively easy, unless you go between July 15 and August 15. Then parking will be just as difficult as in any other coastal place in the whole country!

History of surfing in Cantabria

Cantabria is one of the first surfing spots in Spain. Since the 60s, surfing has attracted many people to Cantabria. It was here, specifically on the Sardinero beach, that the swimmer Jesús Fiochi began to catch waves with a surfboard. It is true that some CIS divers were already catching waves with planking, a wooden board with a kind of keel that came to be like a Body Board. Later, surfing spread a lot hand in hand with the hippie movement. It was around this time that Casa Lola was founded in Loredo, a surfing commune near Latas Surf House and Somo and Loredo beach. In the last 20 years, surfing schools have spread and every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Cantabria to learn to surf and to experience this unique way of life. There is a documentary about the beginnings of surfing in Cantabria called “The first wave”.

The best surf beaches in Cantabria

This is a summary of the best beaches for surfing in Cantabria.

Somo and Loredo beach

Somo is a beach break (sand break) that works very well throughout the year, but especially in autumn and winter. The offshore wind (ideal for forming waves) is Offshore. Therefore, even if there is not much wind, in summer it is better to go in the morning, because the afternoon breeze can alter the offshore profile. It is a perfect beach for all levels because it is very long and on a wave day you can find several peaks on both the right and the left. Latas Surf House is a 5 minute walk from this beach, so most of our classes take place here.
Graph representing the quality of the waves in Somo beach compared to the crowds around the year. 


Langre is a few kilometers from Latas Surf House. It is a beach break very protected by steep cliffs. There are both lefts and rights and it works best at low tide. As it is not so accessible it is more difficult to find many people so it is a very nice spot.


Located in the municipality of Santoña. A great spot for all levels of surfing. The beach is very open to the sea and that is why it does not take much force for interesting waves to form. There can be a lot of people because there are many local surf schools. Also after your surf session in Berria you can go to its beach bar (chiringuito). A place that will surprise you.

Playa de Los Locos, Suances

Located in Suances, it is a surf spot very protected from the wind by the cliffs. It has a sandy bottom but rocks can appear at low tide so you have to be careful. There are usually not many people but it has a reputation for having many places of a lifetime so it can become conflictive.


The place where the first waves of Spain were caught, the sardinero has never gone out of style. It is a wave that breaks fast and often forms tubes. It is an urban spot, so it is likely that there are quite a few crowds, but generally they are not very conflictive. But there are usually several peaks to choose from in its 2 kilometers in length.  

Playa de Ris (Noja)

In Noja you have 1.2km of sand with good waves when there is a good swell. Waves with pipe sections and in Noja there is a good atmosphere in summer. The only thing is that Noja has a reputation for being a relatively troubled spot.

Liencres (Canallave)

Sand break with changing waves and quite a few peaks. It is not close to large urban centers so you will not find many people other than the locals. It has no reputation for being particularly confrontational.
What you reckon is the most appealing beach? If you are beginner or intermediate, we recommend you visiting us in Somo and Loredo beach. We’ll be waiting for you at Latas Surf House, a Surf Camp in Spain with accommodation and surf school where you are going to have the time of your life learning and meeting people who are passionate about surfing lifestyle and good vibes. See you at Latas!


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