When we initiate ourselves in the practice of surfing we often make the mistake of pretending to be like those surfers we see in our Instagram. Soon, we start to wonder about the perfect surfboard that is going to come with us to our next Surf Camp. Many times, we rush into the surfshop and buy the coolest surfboard just to later find ourselves catching no waves at all. So don’t be a kook and rent beginner surfboards until you are ready to take the next step.

The best surfboard for beginners

Ignore the “big boys” and focus on your own learning and technique. What matters the most at the end of the day is having fun and catching as many waves as possible. Choose a softboard aka foamie and we assure you will evolve faster than with any other type of surfboard.

This is thanks to the fact that surfboards are light and pretty good in terms of security for you and those who surround you. They’re easier to paddle, to stand on and also to maintain the balance once your riding the waves.

Luckyly for most, surfboards come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Altough the best is to forget about this kind of tiny details and allow yourself to be advised by our instructors and use the surfboard they give you. A 8 or 7 foot softboard might sound unatractive to you, but you will change your mind when you leave behind all those “cool” kooks and catch all the waves they can’t.

When and how to buy your first surfboard

According to the mentioned above, the best choice to start doing surf and evolve is to use softboards which are specially designed for beginners

However, when you have reached a solid level and you can tell you are going to be practicing regularly, it is normal to be willing to take the next step: to have your own board. It is now when we have to question ourselves before making the purchase.

It is common that unless you are a proven and everyday surfer, you practice from time to time. The surf forecast normally changes and it is very difficult to have the perfect conditions always ready when we are going surfing. This is why a softboard still is the best choice as your first surfboard.

But why? Well, altough we might find ourselves confident enough to move to another board, if you are surfing for having fun you should be aware that softboards will allow you to take more waves, it will last for a long time and you can always allow a friend to use it when they want to learn.

With this, we are not saying that you forget to buy the hardboard of your dreams, just to remind you to take advantage of all the possibilities that a foamie gives you. This way, you will always have a safe and sure choice in case the waves aren’t perfect for your shortboard.

Tip: surf according to your level

Same way we think using beginner surfboards should be used as long as it is necessary, we should have the same mindset about the spots we practice our surfing.

Sometimes, we rush into the water willing to take massive waves and imitate the pro surfers. However, getting into the line-up without having the knowledge can be a risk for both you and others. So before you paddle into that crowded line-up where all the big waves are pumping, observe and evaluate if you can allow yourself to be between all those good surfers. You probably want to go to a less pro line-up where you will catch way more waves and therefore will improve faster.

This is why Somo and Loredo beach in Spain is the perfect place to learn how to surf. Here you will find different spots for all kind of levels, allowing you to improve and move to the “next level”. From total beginners to elite surfers choose this beach to ride waves all year round.

Surf Camp in Spain in September
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